Areas of Work 

CAFRA serves as a facilitator of the regional women’s movement, responding to the needs of the movement and seeking to encourage regional collaboration and solidarity. 

Our areas of work include: 

*Research/action projects on issues of relevance to the regional women’s movement. 

Some  research projects undertaken include:  

  • Women in Caribbean Agriculture (ongoing) 
  • Women’s History and Creative Expression (ongoing) 
  • Women and the Law  
  • Surveys on the incidence of violence against women  
  • Tourism and the Sex Trade in the Caribbean  
  • Access to Health Care by sex workers  
  • Impact of Trade Liberalisation on Jamaica’s poor  
  • Regional conferences on issues of importance to the women’s movement. 

Past conferences include: 

  • Regional Meeting to Present the Findings of the Women in Caribbean Agriculture Project  
  • Regional Meeting on Women, Violence and the Law  with ECLAC and the Rape Crisis Society of Trinidad and Tobago) Critical Perspectives on Human Rights in the Caribbean  
  • Strategies for Implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action: Bringing Beijing Back  
  • Regional Workshop on Domestic Violence  
  • Caribbean Consultation on the Future of EU-ACP Development Co-operation from a Gender Perspective (Dominica, 1998; with WIDE)  
  • Impact of Geopolitics on the Women’s Movement in the Caribbean   
  • Challenges and Perspectives for Women’s Leadership in the 21st Century (Grenada, 1998; with UNIFEM and HIVOS) 
  • Integrating Gender Issues in Participatory and Collaborative Natural Resource Management  with CANARI) 
  • Economic Literacy/Trade Liberalization  
  • Women and Globalization and Fair Trade  
  • Gender and Trade in the Caribbean  
  • Mobilizing Grassroots Women  

*We develop and implement educational and training programmes based on needs identified by our membership  

  • Popular Theatre Methodologies  
  • Creative Writing  
  • 35mm Photography Workshop  
  • Participatory Methodologies for Legal Education  
  • Summer University in Feminist Theory  
  • Intra-regional Language Exchanges 
  • Regional Training Programme on the Use of National and International Human Rights Instruments  
  • Advocacy and Lobbying Skills Training  
  • Caribbean Regional Domestic Violence Training Programme for Police Officers and Social Workers (2000) HYPERLINK TO MEDIA RELEASES “DV Pilot Course”; “DV ToT TT”; and DV ToT JM” 
  • Beijing+5 Alternate Report  
  • The Impact of Trade Liberalisation on Jamaica’s Poor  
  • Beijing+10 Alternative Report – “Beijing Betrayed”  
  • Beijing+10 Meets WTO+10  

*We published a magazine, CAFRA News twice yearly, in English and Spanish.  It is now being re-organized as an e-magazine. 

*We operate a Documentation Centre and currently we have a legal agreement with the University of the West Indies, for storage and making accessible many of the CAFRA documents and papers for use by researchers and students 

*We network with regional and international organizations such as: 


  • Assembly of Caribbean People (ACP) 
  • Caribbean Coalition on Population and Development (CCPD) 
  • Caribbean Network for Integrated Rural Development (CNIRD)  
  • Caribbean Women’s Network on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (CARIWONET) 
  • Caribbean Policy Development Centre (CPDC) and  
  • Windward Islands Farmers’ Association (WINFA) on a process of functional co-operation.  
  • Caribbean Healthy Caribbean Coalition 
  • CARICOM – Office of Trade Negotiations (OTN) 
  • CARICOM Regional Advisory Group on Gender 
  • CARICOM Pan Caribbean Partnership on HIV/AIDS (PANCAP) 
  • CARICOM/CARIFORUM Consultative Committee 
  • Caribbean Court of Justice 
  • Caribbean Network of Non-State Actors Panels 
  • Caribbean Reference Group on Trade (CRG)  
  • Caribbean Youth Environment Network 
  • Caribbean Youth Network 

*We provide technical and financial assistance to support the work of CAFRA National Committees and developing women’s organisations, as well as personal development linked to organizational work. 

*We collaborate on campaigns and projects to ensure that women’s concerns are not marginalized or ignored.  

*Other Programmes 

  • Compilation of Pathways to Feminism, an anthology about CAFRA  
  • DFID/OXFAM Programme for Strengthening Civil Society Organisations in the English-speaking Caribbean  

Critical Perspectives on Human Rights in the Caribbean:  

  • Regional Conference Port of Spain –  Co-sponsors: CAFRA and the Caribbean Human Rights Network  

Funded by: 

List of Presentations 




Democracy and development: the case of Guyana 

Rosemary Antoine 

Economic rights and women workers 

Peggy Antrobus 

Expansion of the agenda for human rights: feminist perspectives [feature address] 

Hugo Azcuy and Mariliana Castello 

Reflections on the Cuban approach to human rights 

Rawwida Baksh-Soodeen 

The experience of East Indian women and their enjoyment of rights 

Marion Bethel 

Reproductive rights in the English-speaking Caribbean 

Michelle Cave and Joan French 

Sexual choice: a human rights issue… 

Roberta Clarke 

Overview of the gender and human rights project 

Jane Connor 

The usefulness of the UN system for enforcing women’s rights 

Margaret DeMerieux 

Current issues in political and civil rights in the Caribbean 

Clarence Dias 

Challenges in enforcing economic rights 

Norma Forde 

An evaluation of the reporting requirements for monitoring state compliance with human rights norms: special emphasis on the Committee for the Elimination of Discrimination against Women 

Desrey Fox 

Amerindian people in Guyana 

Colin Granderson 

Monitoring state violations of human rights 

Dinnys Luciano 

Reproductive rights issues in the Spanish-speaking Caribbean 

Johnny McCalla 

Reflections on human rights issues in Haiti 

Douglas Mendes 

Justiciability of socio-economic rights: the case of worker rights 

Carl Rattray 

Factors determining state compliance with international human rights standards 

Wendy Singh 

The status of human rights practice in the Caribbean region 

Frank Solomon 

Crime and punishment: special emphasis on the death penalty 

Donna Sullivan 

Gender equality and religious freedom 

Ester Vicente 

Violence against women: a human rights issue 

Nelcia Robinson 

Beijing+10 Meets WTO+10 

Selma James 

Organising Grassroots Women 

Margaret Gill 

Some Thoughts on the status of the Women’s Movement in the Caribbean 

Carla Bakboord 

How Silence and Solidarity Killed Feminism 

Keturah Bebb 

CAFRA’s Response to Globalisation 

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