The CAFRA Youth League

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The CAFRA Youth League is an institutionalized mechanism within CAFRA which was established to develop and maintain a cadre of dynamic, resourceful, socially conscious, creative and powerful young feminists through secondary schools and community groups.  The group exists in some countries where the regional network of CAFRA operates, in seventeen (17) territories.   The various groups around the islands receive continuous training in feminist principles and theory, human rights, comprehensive sexuality education, public speaking, social skills, parliamentary procedures, corporate practices for non-governmental organizations, among  others.


The mission for the CAFRA Youth League is to celebrate and channel the collective power of young women for individual and societal transformation thus creating a climate in which social justice is realized.

Organizational structure

The CAFRA Youth League in Caribbean countries where they exist comprises braches in various schools and communities, each headed by a President.  Representatives of each branch come together annually as the National Council to learn and share from each other’s experiences, build synergies and to make recommendations for programming and involvement in the work of CAFRA.  Members of the CAFRA Youth League participate in activities hosted by CAFRA and also participate actively in meetings.  They also elect three of leaders to serve on the national management committee of CAFRA.

They also participate in national and regional meetings of CAFRA.


The CAFRA Youth League undertakes projects and activities based on their own priorities and recommendations as a group.  They also undertake fund-raising activities and support the work of CAFR

Members of the CAFRA youth League support Comprehensive Sexuality Education for Youth and are actively advocating for it.  School and community based activities are undertaken through peer groups


Members of the CAFRA Youth League participate in seminars and workshops aimed at building their social consciousness and better understanding of feminist principles